A Whole New Way to Play.

We're reimagining games. Here's how:

  • Made By Hand.

    Yes, we make every game ourselves – that means no unethical factory labour. Instead, we imagine, design, print, cut, fold, assemble, and wrap every game with our own hands.

  • Eco-Conscious.

    Our games are better for the planet. We print our lightly-handled games on uncoated paper, use biodegradable shrinkwrap, and ship our games in curbside-recyclable mailers.

  • Proudly Canadian.

    We don't order our games from overseas. Instead, we print our games right here in Canada. That means you can feel good about supporting local and reducing carbon emissions.

Our Story

We're not a big faceless money-hungry company – we're two best buddies who just want to make games. We met almost a decade ago at a board game cafe, and ever since, we've dreamed of publishing our own ideas. So what better way than to do it ourselves? From farmers' markets to the world wide web (hello!), we're proud to bring our little games to you. Ready to have some fun?

Our Process

Here's a peak at how we make our games:

From Concept to Cards

Step 1. Design

After we dream them up, test them out, and do our fair share of research, our games begin with a design. This includes the logo, as well as the look of the box and the cards.

putting ink to paper

Step 2: Printing

Once the files are ready, we print them ourselves using standard printers. We're proud to use refillable ink tank printers, which helped eliminate our ink cartridge waste!

Getting Snippy

Step 3: Cutting

We now cut those sheets into boxes and cards. We use a small cutting machine to accurately cut the boxes. We used to use a hand-crank cutting machine for our cards, but it started eating our cards (gulp!) so we switched to an electronic, hand-fed machine instead.

That's A Wrap!

Step 4: Packaging

Once the games are ready, we shrinkwrap them to ensure they make it to you blemish free. We proudly use biodegradeable shrinkwrap on our games, and yes, we lay the games out, seal them, and shrink them by hand.

From our home to yours

Step 5: Shipping

The last step before our games get to you is shipping. We choose to pay more for curbside-recyclable mailers instead of standard bubble mailers because we don't believe shipping needs to be wasteful. So when you play our games, you can breathe easy about your environmental impact.

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